A downloadable game for Android

Mild seizure warning for flashing colours
can be turned off in the options menu (gear icon)

NiTT is a minimalistic mobile roguelike where a short range teleport doubles as your only movement and combat option. You get to decide whether to teleport into enemies to deal damage, or use it defensively to dodge them. Clear all the enemies in the room to progress to the next one and find upgrades along the way.

NiTT was born out of the apparent lack of roguelikes on mobile specifically catered towards the platform. NiTT features one-touch-anywhere controls in portrait mode, making it a super comfortable playing experience for both right and left handed players.

NiTT's development is currently paused, these are some things I would still like to add someday:

  • Balancing (espcially hp management)
  • Shops
  • Sound
  • Room change animation
  • Actual level generation
  • Phone vibration feedback
  • Teleport training mode
  • More room designs
  • More enemies
  • Speedrun stats


NiTT 0.7.1 24 MB

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